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When gathered, my mother’s original and full wedding trousseau counts the following items:

For the bedroom

Sixty Pillowcases: twenty-four in pure linen, twelve in pure cotton, the remaining ones are in a linen-cotton blend. They are all embroidered, most of them with floral designs.

Four pairs of linen bedsheets with matching pillowcases – fifteen sets in total, comprehensive of top sheet, bottom sheet, and matching pillowcases.


One goose down blanket.

One quilt.

One summer quilt.

One linen and one cotton bedspread.

One knitted woollen blanket.

One knitted cotton-thread bedspread.

One linen bedspread with Cantù lace applications.

One cotton bedspread made on the embroidery frame in the 1950s.

And one silk bedspread with antique Damask silk.

For the bathroom:

Twenty-four towels in linen;

Thirty-six in spongy cotton;

They are divided into face towels, towels for guests, and bath cloths.

For the kitchen:

Six tablecloths for twelve people,

Six for eight people — plus the relative number of napkins for each.

One embroidered linen tablecloth for twelve people with Cantù lace applications, plus matching napkins.

Two tea tablecloths.

Twenty-four, possibly more, tea towels —printed, not embroidered.

Twelve handkerchiefs.

Limoges porcelain, one set for twelve people, comprehending: plates, one tea set and coffee set.

Bavaria porcelain, one set of twelve, as the Limoges porcelain.

Two sets of twelve crystal glasses by Antonio Imperatore

Set of steel pots of 18/10 grade.

Set of twelve steel cutleries.

For the living area:

One altered bedsheet of pure linen with Burano lace made into curtains.

Laced Centrepieces to place on trays or in baskets for decoration purposes — never counted.

Every room has its list of dedicated items: my mother knows exactly where everything in the home is and the history that every piece holds. 

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