Self portrait in a Kyoto hotel, 2016

Colacino Ludovica is a Gallery Assistant at ARTUNER, art writer and visual artist based in London.

Ludovica holds a Master’s degree in Writing from the Royal College of Art (2020) and a BA Honours in Photographic Arts from the University of Westminster (2017) — awarded with First Class Honours.

Since graduating in 2017, Ludovica has been working in contemporary arts. In 2018, she cemented her art writing experience through her MA in Writing at the Royal College of Art, through which she partook in several projects combining writing and visual arts. Her final project, “As far as her eyes are good”, was a collection of essays and photographs which recounted the tradition of embroidery of the wedding trousseau in Southern Italy during the 1900s, focusing on women’s artistic freedom in a severely patriarchal environment. 

In 2020, Ludovica joined ARTUNER in the role of Gallery Assistant. Her responsibilities have grown over her time there: she now contributes to the gallery’s communication sector, works with artists closely, and manages ARTUNER’s operations and logistics of international exhibitions and transports. 

Ludovica cultivates her creativity in various fields, most recently by joining the poetry group “Words Space Poems”; one of her poems  has been published in the pamphlet “Kite Strings #1” (Word Space Poems, February 2023).

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