Hello again

Let me introduce myself properly, I am an Italian art enthusiast, writer and photographer based in London.

I am currently attending the Writing MA course at Royal College of Art; I will complete the course with a photobook narrating the history of the feminine in the household, specifically embroidery, under a feminist point of view. In June 2017 I graduated the (Hons) Photographic Arts course at University of Westminster with First Class Honours and have been producing zines and photobooks since.

What I create

I create documentary and fine art photography, which is usually, but not always, accompanied by text. My projects predominantly stem from a place of self-reflection and analysis, combining the inner with the outer with both digital and analogue photography. As somebody who studied fine arts as an adolescent, I carry my expertise to my present work and still practice painting and drawing as parts for bigger projects.

What I write

In the past few years, I have produced writing about art for online publications,  such as The ARTUNER. Now, my written production is more oriented towards critical, creative, and essay writing - which look to the artistic work of others and my own life and experiences.

Shall we work together?

So, to sum it up, I am a very curious artist. 

I love to experiment with different media, try new writing, and combine the visual with the written. 

I am available to work freelance as a writer for catalogue essays, articles, reviews or even to collaborate for a bigger project.

Let's talk about it.

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